Jobseeker Partners facilitates SMEs owners in Indonesia in finding the right employee to support their business growth.

A New Way of Hiring

Ever wish finding the perfect candidate was as easy as scrolling through your feed? Well, thanks to our Jobseeker Partners, now it is! Our social recruitment platform is easy to use as your favorite app, but way more powerful.


Swipe away without limits until you spot the perfect candidate through their profiles. Just like you swipe through your dating apps!


Match with a candidate who accepts your offer request, make the first move by starting the chat and begin processing them.


Streamline interview scheduling, candidate recruitment, and start date arrangements directly in the app, aligned with your company's criteria.

Why Jobseeker Partners
Create Job Vacancies with AI
Enjoy the ease of creating job vacancies with AI assistance.
Impress with Video Resume
Get to know candidates more deeply through the video resume feature, making it easier for you to assess your qualifications and personality appropriately.
Social Recruitment Platform
Exploring our app is as easy as surfing social media. It's as easy as swiping, chatting, scheduling interviews, and recruiting.

Watch Their Story

Watch some of our user feedback about our Jobseeker Partners.

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